Praxis Weightlifting LLC provides USAW courses, competitions, written individualized periodized programming, online coaching and other weightlifting services to remote and local athletes.  Call or email to get involved.

Praxis is focused on developing outstanding Olympic weightlifters, regardless of age or level of experience.  Athletes who have learned from Praxis Weightlifting’s programs and training have been medalists at senior nationals, masters world champions, masters national champions, junior national champions, junior world team members, youth Pan Am team member, University world team member, and regularly compete at local, national and international events.  We focus on the unique needs of each athlete including age, experience level, and meet schedule.  We design programming and training tailored to those needs.

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Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching $250

Athletes have different recovery needs, time constraints and goals.  Decades of research have shown progress is best achieved when following a carefully designed training cycle for adaptation. Praxis remote coaching combines individual programming for athletes in the real world.  Our training philosophies are based on a combination of Russian and Bulgarian methods, however we use a wide range of periodization models based on the lifter’s ability to recover, skill, age, competition schedule and many other variables.  Athletes accepted into our remote coaching program send training video via text or email for coaching review and feedback.


Remote Programming

Template periodized programming $50

One day online coaching $75.00

Intermediate 2 day individual $100

Intermediate 3-4 day individual $125

Advanced 5 day programming and remote coaching $200

Periodized weightlifting programs based on decades of research.  Programs are designed with your individual needs and competition dates in mind.

Beginner Class

$600 for 6 weeks.  This class is offered periodically based on need.  Learn to snatch and Clean & Jerk.  This class will prepare you to join Team Praxis, begin working in a group setting, or use the remote coaching of your choice.   You will be able to read and work from a written program and train Quintusing the olympic lifts, variations of the lifts and accessory exercises specific to weightlifting.  Learn from Praxis coach Quint Sudbury, USAW L2,  Waxman’s Gym Method certified and Masters Pan Am champion.  This class is held in West Valley, Utah.

Next class begins Jan 12, 2019
2 days a week for 6 weeks = $600
Tuesday 5:30-6:30 pm
Thursday 5:30-6:30 pm