Unstoppable Maci Winn: Utah Woman Continues Weightlifting Despite Broken Leg

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At 26 years old, Salt Lake City native Maci Winn is one of the state’s up-and-coming weightlifters on a national and international scale. From her involvement in athletics at an early age, to working towards her MD/PhD Degree at the University of Utah, Winn is setting the stage to make a name for herself.


Malia Levy, age 16 earns placement on the 2 most prestigious USA Weightlifting 2022 youth international teams.  Continuing her Team USA position from 2021, Malia will compete as part of Team USA at the Youth Pan American Championships in Puerto Rico April 4-8 and at the Youth World Championships in Leon Mexico June 11-18. 


Maci Winn talks to USA Today about qualifying for USAW Senior Nationals during the COVID-19 pandemic March 2020

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maci online qualifier

Brittany Riesenberg wins overall master champion at the Arnold Classic 2017


DIMAS documentary series


In March of 2016, Praxis owner Debbie Millet, put together a group of the finest weightlifting historians and photographers to interview and film weightlifting legend Pyrros Dimas.  David Boffa and Jonas Westbrook of The2Doctors, Nat Arem of  Hookgrip, and Debbie traveled to Greece and gathered 2 days of video, pictures and interviews with Pyrros Dimas.

Support the film makers:  Support future footage

DIMAS Part 1            DIMAS Part 2                 DIMAS Part 3              DIMAS Part 4        DIMAS Part 5


The Two Doctors episode 13 podcast

“Join us as we talk with Debbie Millet, the meet director for the 2016 USAW National Championships and Olympic Trials in Salt Late City, Utah. She shares her history in the sport, experience running the 2014 USAW National Championships, and her plans to make this year’s Nationals/Olympic Trials the best ever. We also discuss the recent Junior Nationals, the upcoming Arnold Championships of the Universe, and the best ways tocheat gain a competitive edge by greasing your thighs. Enjoy!” –


KSL news April 2016

Praxis lifter Connor Houghton and Debbie Millet discuss weightlifting and upcoming events.

Meg Henry, Former Praxis athlete and current US World Team Skeleton member to compete at 2015 World Bobsleigh and Skeleton Championships, Winterberg Germany


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Praxis women highlighted on local news 


watch KUTV news Women and Weightlifting

Utah to Host University National Championships, Debbie Millet meet director

read USAW press release

Brittany Riesenberg, Team Praxis, Wins Weightlifting World Championship

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Debbie Millet Awarded Connect Sports National LOC of the Year


read USAW press release

“The 2014 Nationals, by almost any standard or measurement (except, perhaps, radioactivity) were a resounding, unqualified, spectacular success.” – David Boffa

read Decadence and Depravity review

Dustin Ma, Team Praxis, National Championships athlete 

read Salt Lake Tribune article

Three-time Olympic Team Coach Jim Schmitz describes Utah-hosted Nationals as “best I’ve ever seen”

read Ironmind review

Salt Lake City Selected to Host Weightlifting Nationals

read Visit Salt Lake article

Praxis: A Coming-of-Age Training Center, Bigger Faster Stronger, September/October 2008, pp. 10-12.
“Praxis Olympic Weightlifting Center may not overwhelm its visitors with flashy cardio equipment and extravagant extras – but bigger is not always better. To be great, sometimes all you have to do is keep it simple.”

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