Team Praxis



Team Praxis is a USAW sanctioned amateur weightlifting club based in Utah but includes lifters from across the country.  Team members train together as often as possible during designated team hours.  Team Praxis is led by head coach Debbie Millet who provides athlete development, goal direction and competition coaching at local, national and international meets.  Team Praxis consists of beginners and elite, world-class athletes training together in a supportive atmosphere.

Some of the team’s accomplishments include: USAW Team USA University World member, Team USA Youth Pan Am member, USAW U25 National Champion, USA Masters World Champions x3, Masters National Champions x7, Masters World records, Masters Pan Am records, Masters National records, Masters Pan Am Champions x2, numerous state champions and state records.

This team is unique as it consists of a weightlifting-specific training culture, a present and experienced head coach correcting technique, an encouraging team dynamic and the inspiration and motivation inherent in training alongside elite athletes.  

There is no charge to join Team Praxis.  Interested individuals must try out and be accepted by coach Debbie Millet.  If you are interested in becoming part of Team Praxis, please contact us.   Follow Team Praxis on Instagram @teampraxis1

Many of our Team Praxis athletes choose to purchase written programming and/or video coaching review through Praxis Weightlifting LLC.  Many of our Team Praxis athletes do not.

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Meet the team


Brittany Riesenberg
Age: 40
Weight class/Division: 64kg Women
Profession: Mom of four, snowmobile tour company operator, competitor, beach babe, baker, party planner, shopper, and official team model for workout clothes and bikinis.
Why Praxis: The coaches and the people I train with. It’s a fun and encouraging atmosphere.
How I started Olympic weightlifting: I was discovered by a weightlifting coach in San Diego who encouraged me to quit long distance running. I took 3rd place in my first weightlifting meet after training for 6 weeks and never looked back!
Fun Fact: Mike Burgener nicknamed Brittany “Weightlifting Barbie” which she uses as her instagram account.

Favorite exercise: Snatch
Favorite lifter: Natalie Burgener
Favorite recovery/cheat meal: S’mores cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory
Playlist: 90’s rap and hip-hop

2017 Arnold Classic overall winner master women, has set Masters Pan Am records in the Snatch, CJ and Total and the Masters World record in the Snatch.  2015 Masters Pan Am Champion, 2015 Masters World Cup Champion, 2014 World Masters Champion, 2014 & 2015 National Masters Champion, 2013-current national senior-level athlete, holds 4 Utah state records



Maci Winn
Age: 23
Weight class/Division: 81kg Women
Profession: University of Utah Medical Student
Why Praxis: Amazing coaching and teammates who know how to work hard and have fun.
How I started Olympic weightlifting:  I discovered Olympic weightlifting as a spectator at the 2016 Olympic Trials in SLC.  I finally started weightlifting in 2017 and never looked back.

Favorite exercise:  Snatch
Favorite lifter:  Lydia Valentin, Jenny Arthur, Toshiki Yamamoto and Loredana Toma.
Favorite recovery/cheat meal: Tacos

Playlist: Classic rock or EDM.

2019 University National Champion, 2018 TEAM USA University World Team, 2018 U25 National Champion, current national senior-level athlete, 2018 Utah State Champion 



Tory Brownlow
Age: 25
Weight class/Division: 64kg Women
Profession: Product Owner for The REDX and Registered Nurse
Why Praxis: I’ve never been around more people who’s only intention is to help continually build you up.  I love this team!
How I started Olympic weightlifting:  I got peer pressured into doing a weightlifting competition when I was focusing on my Crossfit training.  haha.  I dropped every snatch in my first competition and knew I had so much more in me.  I haven’t looked back since.

Favorite exercise:  Snatch
Favorite lifter:  Caitlin Hogan
Favorite recovery/cheat meal: Sushi and Chip Cookie

Playlist: Destiny’s Child Radio on Pandora

4th place 2018 University National Championships, 2018 Utah State Champion, current senior-level national competitor



Chloe Wise
Age: 17
Weight class/Division: 71kg Women
Profession: Bingham High School student
Why Praxis:  Everyone is so kind and welcoming and makes a great environment
How I started Olympic weightlifting:  I started lifting at a gym on my own at 12 years old teaching myself how to snatch and clean and jerk.  Then I started Crossfit, met my first Olympic weightlifting coach and went to the 2016 youth nationals and ever since then I’ve fallen in love.

Favorite exercise:  Clean
Favorite lifter:  Rebeka Koha, Mary Peck Mattie Rogers
Favorite recovery/cheat meal: Cookie dough

Playlist: Hip hip that annoys everyone in the gym

2018 TEAM USA Youth Pan Am Team,  2015-18 Utah State Champion. 



Dustin Ma
Age: 35
Weight class/Division: 62kg Men
Profession: Physical Therapist
Favorite lift or exercise: Push press and whatever the last set of the day is
Why Praxis: The amazing team and supportive training environment
How I started Olympic weightlifting: CrossFit transplant
Favorite cheat meal: pizza, fries, wings, food. EVERYTHING.
Meet day playlist includes: A$AP Rocky, Flosstradamus, Jeezy, Kendrick Lamar…

USA Masters American Record Holders, 2018 Howard Cohen American Masters Gold Medalist, 2017 masters national silver medalist, 2013-current national senior-level athlete, 2017 Texas state champion, finished 1st at the 2013 Team Texas Open, 1st at Night of Champions, 1st at the South Texas Open, and 1st at the Yellow Jacket Open. In 2012, he won the Team Texas Open and South Texas Open.



Logan Van Leer
Weight class/Division: 77kg men

Why Praxis: 

How I started Olympic weightlifting:

Favorite exercise: 

Favorite lifter: 

Favorite recovery/cheat meal: 


2016-current national senior-level athlete, competed at the 2016 American Open during his first year lifting and as his 3rd meet.  Currently holds the Utah state men’s open CJ record.  


Clint Nicholes
Age: 32
Weight class/Division: 102kg Men
Profession: Special Ed Teacher/Director at Bear River Charter School
Favorite lift or exercise: Clean and Jerk
Why Praxis: I needed Coach Debbie’s expertise to improve all aspects of my lifts and to be supported by a team comprised of a great group of humans.
How I started Olympic weightlifting: I graduated from CrossFit in 2017
Favorite cheat meal: 5 Guys bacon cheese burger
Favorite Lifter: Norbert Schemansky

Playlist: Gangsta Rap/Trap

2019 Utah State Champion, Utah record holder, 2018 Utah State Champion


Quint Sudbury
Age: 41
Weight class/Division: 85kg Men
Profession: Owner/machinist at JQ Enterprises
Fun fact: Has made most of Praxis’ strength equipment
How I started Olympic weightlifting: I took a USAW Sports Performance Cert in December 2013 and was hooked. I started training at Praxis shortly after. I enjoy competing in sports where the mental game is as critical as the physical. It’s great to train in an atmosphere with like-minded athletes and knowledgeable coaches.
Favorite exercise: Snatch
Favorite lifter:
Favorite recovery meal:  Mint chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone or pumpkin pie
Playlist: I like Rihanna…………a lot

2016 Masters Pan Am Champion, 2015 Masters Pan Am Championships and Masters World Cup competitor


Ryan Otterson
Age: 28
Weight class/Division: 85kg men
Profession: Therapist
Why Praxis:  The coaching and programming
How I started Olympic weightlifting: Trying to mimic videos of Pyrros Dimas in Gold’s gym in the hopes of being able to jump higher
Favorite exercise: Squats
Favorite lifter: Alex Lee…..wait, no, Norik Vardanian
Favorite recovery/cheat meal:  Honestly I like to eat just about everything.  Maybe a smorgasbord of foods from all over the world.
Playlist: ATCQ, Atmosphere, Bombay Bicycle Club, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MF Doom, Aphex Twin….there are too many to list.
2017 Utah State Champion 85 men’s open.  


Jordynne Faber
Age: 15
Weight class/Division: 55kg Youth Girls
Profession: JR High School Student
Favorite thing about praxis: Praxis was recommended by my sister and I decided to give it a try.  Everyone is so welcoming and made me feel a part of the team instead of just a young kid.
How I started Olympic weightlifting: I have been doing crossfit since I was 8 and I seemed to like the lifting better than cardio.  Ever since then, I have loved Olympic lifting.
Favorite exercise: Snatch
Favorite lifter: Dillon Edelen, my older brother
Favorite cheat meal: Cookies
Playlist: top hits

2018-current youth national-level athlete, 2019 Utah Junior State Champion, 2019 overall best lifter Utah Junior State Championships, 2018 Utah Junior State Champion

Tracy Hernandez
Age: 35
Profession: Marketing Director at Roseman University
Weight class/Division: 69kg Senior Women
Favorite lift or exercise: Overhead squats
Why Praxis: Great athletes and amazing coaches
How I started Olympic Weightlifting: I came by way of CrossFit. After about 3 years of doing CrossFit I discovered I was pretty good at weightlifting and decided to pursue it a little more. I signed up for the Utah Summer Games in 2013 and needed a coach, so that’s how I found Praxis.

Something about me: To be a well-rounded athlete I continue to do CrossFit, and try to participate in about 5-6 sprint triathlons each summer. I am also returning from an 18-month weightlifting hiatus, after being diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after my first competition in August 2013. I underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and reconstructive surgery during that time and now I’m excited to be back.

Currently holds 3 Utah state records, Masters National Championships competitor

Amy Galbraith
Age: 37
Weight class/Division: 71kg senior women
Profession: Commercial property manager and single mom
Why Praxis: It feels like home!  A bad day at Praxis is still a pretty good day!!
How I started Olympic weightlifting: First learned the lifts from Cross Fit but realized it was my favorite part of going to the gym.
Favorite exercise: Snatch and Squats
Playlist: Anything loud and with a good beat.  I don’t discriminate unless it’s slow and uninspiring.
 Lisa Riggs
Age: 56
Weight class/Division: 55kg master women
Profession: CEO Riggs, Inc.
Why Praxis: @wheysexyswag fashion show
How I started Olympic weightlifting: Flunked crossfit
Favorite exercise: overhead squat
Favorite lifter: Jessica Lucero
Favorite recovery/cheat meal: donuts
Playlist: Switchfoot, Chris Tomlin, Sheryl Crow, Rihanna, Drake, Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber, Mariah, Kanye
2019 USA Masters National Champion, USA Masters National Record Holder (Sn, CJ, Total), 3-time Utah State Champion, Howard Cohen American Masters Record Holder (Sn, CJ, Total), 3x Utah state champion and multiple record holder
Nicole Olsen
Age: 35
Weight class/Division: Masters
Profession: Sr. Client Success Manager for ViaWest which is a Hybrid IT company. From “dirt to the cloud”
Favorite thing about praxis: Definitely the team atmosphere! Everyone supports each other regardless of where you are in your weightlifting journey. I have social anxiety and even though I still struggle with just walking in the door at times, everyone makes me feel so welcome and loved that I keep coming back!
How I started Olympic weightlifting: I was doing PUMP in my basement and really loved lifting weights but wanted to move away from low weight, high reps.  I did a google search and found Praxis and loved that there were several females on the team and a female coach! Debbie invited me down to train with the team and I have been hooked ever since.
Favorite exercise: Back squat because it is my strongest lift, but I’ve been loving SN lately which is my weakest.
Favorite lifter: I am biased but I love all the girls on our team. They all bring something different to the table and I learn so much from them every time we train!
Favorite recovery/cheat meal: Pizza, Mexican food, and pasta. (I love food! haha)
Playlist: I love top 40 pop music as awful as it is haha I love dancing around between sets and singing along when no one else is around. Great way to get my steps in for the day!

Misha Regouski
Age: 28
Weight class/Division: 87
Profession: Researcher, lab manager, PhD student
Why Praxis: The inclusion and expertise.  Being new to the sport I wanted the best, and I got that with Praxis.  It doesn’t hurt that there is great camaraderie among the team!
How I started Olympic weightlifting: It was suggested I needed a hobby that wasn’t work and thought it would be a good fit.
Favorite exercise: Clean
Favorite lifter: Dimitry Klokov
Favorite recovery meal: Beer.  Pizza  Beer.
Playlist: Prince, and anything funky with a good beat
Nikki Divers

Age: 36
Weight class/Division: 
BIM Coordination Project Manager
Favorite thing about praxis: 
Availability. Training remotely is hard but the support, advice and feedback that is provided is awesome. Debbie has made sure to keep me going in the right direction. 
How I started Olympic weightlifting:
I competed at a national/international level for alpine ski racer in high school and college. We did a lot of the Olympic lifts for our weight training. Lifting was some that I enjoyed while I was ski racing. When Crossfit came into the scene and realized I that the Olympic lifts were what was missing in my life. My focus quickly shifted from WODs to Snatches. 
Favorite exercise: 
Squats and deadlifting – both are my jam. No way I can pick just one. 
Favorite lifter: Don’t really have one but I for surly enjoy watching Lidia Valentin. She’s got heart in the game. 
Favorite recovery/cheat meal:  
I dig anything with fat and carbs. I don’t discriminate. 
I really enjoy listening to with The White Stripes, The Donnas, Yeah Yeah Yeahs – lo-fi garage band with a solid drum beat make me feel not so alone during my garage lifting sessions. 


Weight class/Division:
Favorite thing about praxis:
How I started Olympic weightlifting: 
Favorite exercise:
Favorite lifter:
Favorite recovery/cheat meal: