Full Membership: $150.  Train at the Praxis workshop as part of the team (between 3:30 – 7:30 Mon-Thur and 9-12 Saturdays), includes hands-on technical adjustments, periodized weightlifting programming, competition planning and coaching.  Contact Praxis below for complimentary initial assessment and placement in our program.  Open to all skills levels and ages.

Full Membership – $150/monthly recurring

Twice a week $125/month

Once a week $100/month

Team programming, online coaching $50/month

Individualized programming without video review $40/month

Beginner Instruction 8 wks/$300

Gift Certificates: 1 session   4 sessions

Praxis is focused on developing outstanding Olympic weightlifters, regardless of age or level of experience.  Praxis athletes have been medalists at senior nationals, masters world champions, masters national champions, junior national champions, junior world team members, youth Pan Am team member, University world team member, and regularly compete at local, national and international events.  We focus on the unique needs of each athlete–including age, experience level, and meet schedule–and design programming tailored to those needs.

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Remote Coaching

Athletes have different recovery needs, time constraints and goals.  Decades of research have shown progress is best achieved when following a carefully designed training cycle for adaptation. Praxis offers online programming for athletes in the real world.  Our training philosophies are based on a combination of Russian and Bulgarian methods, however we use a wide range of periodization models based on the lifter’s ability to recover, skill, age, competition schedule and many other variables.

To sign up for our remote coaching program, please click here.

In-person Technical Training

Praxis offers an ongoing workshop where coach Debbie Millet offers her experienced coaching eye to teach and adjust technique for developing elite athletes. We use real wood platforms, competition coachinglisabumper plates and rubber training plates, olympic barbells with great spin (Eleiko, Werksan, York, American Barbell), squat racks, jerk blocks, pull blocks and lots and lots of chalk.

Praxis exists to develop great weightlifters. Our lifters train as a team. While each lifter’s schedule, location and goals may be different, everyone benefits from the positive, encouraging atmosphere of sharing their training goals with fellow weightlifters. Head coach Debbie Millet is present for scheduled hours — providing feedback and instruction to every athlete.   Each lifter is given a training program. Coach will make adjustments and corrections to technique and adjust the program as needed.

Athletes of many other sports receive instruction through Praxis to improve their performance in the Olympic lifts, develop their technique and build explosiveness, speed, and power.  We are a private training workshop and although we do not accept drop ins, we encourage you to reach out by phone or email to access our program and get involved.




Remote Programming

$50 Month.  Periodized weightlifting programs based on decades of research.  Programs are designed with your individual needs and competition dates in mind.  As part of Team Praxis, you will receive competition coaching at local and national meets.  This is designed for Praxis members who train remotely.

Remote Coaching

Debbie Millet accepts 1-2 athletes on an ongoing basis for intensive remote coaching.  $450 month.  Individualized programming, daily video review and feedback during your training session, national competition planning and coaching.  Submit your intent: Intensive remote coaching

Beginner Class

$300 for 8 weeks.  This class is offered periodically based on need.  Learn to snatch and Clean & Jerk.  This class will prepare you to join a team or begin working in a group where you are able to work from a written program and train Quintusing the olympic lifts, variations of the lifts and accessory exercises specific to weightlifting.  Learn from staff coaches who are both Waxman’s Gym Method certified and USAW Coaching certified.