650 Wilmington Ave. Salt Lake City, UT

Who we are

Praxis is the oldest Olympic weightlifting program in Utah. Our athletes come from diverse backgrounds, but the one attribute they share is the drive to become champions.

We are deeply invested in the sport of weightlifting locally, nationally and internationally.  We have a thorough knowledge of the sport and its history.  We have a reputation for being strict, critical, perfectionists.   Praxis is pretty simple: We train hard.  We respect weightlifting.  We see results.

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Train with us

Our focus is training athletes to compete in the 2 Olympic lifts: snatch and clean & jerk. Learning to perform these lifts correctly builds explosiveness, speed, balance, flexibility and power that improves performance in nearly any sport.

We welcome beginners, youth, groups of friends wanting to try something different, as well as fierce competitors and elite athletes training to make an Olympic team in their sport or win a world title.

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Praxis hosts USAW sanctioned weightlifting competitions, USAW coaching certification courses, skill & technique clinics and educational workshops.

Praxis serves as ‘home’ to visiting International coaches and athletes.  If they can’t be convinced to provide a formal workshop during their stay, you will find them training on the platform next to you.

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